Homebuyer Education assists those who are looking for guidance in purchasing a home. Joseph Corporation counseling will help walk with you through the steps of the home buying process. This program is designed to allow you to discover how you can become a homeowner.

Preparing future homeowners to better understand the home buying process and be successful homeowners.

We will help you understand your mortgage. We will explain lending and the basics of the different mortgage products so you make the right choice for financing your home. Additionally, we will help determine if you qualify for grants or low interest loans to help you buy your home. We will educate you about the different types of down payment and closing cost assistance offered by banks, city governments and other down payment assistant sources.

Home Buyer Education in Aurora


Helping people of Aurora make sense of the complicated home buying process

First Time Homebuyers Help

  • Credit reports and how they effect your home purchasing.
  • Budgeting for homeownership.
  • The home buying process.
  • Different types of mortgages.
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance.

3 Steps to Home Ownership

  1. Obtain a home buyer packet, English or Spanish.
  2. Attend a Homebuyer Education Seminar at our location. Seminars can also be completed 24/7 by going to for a fee of $99.00. After the course a 45minute one-on-one session with a counselor is still required to receive the certificate.
  3. One-on-one appointment with HUD Certified Counselor that will: review your credit and credit score; review your monthly budget; and provide prequel educational session. After this you will then receive a overview of lenders who participate; different loans that are available to you as well as what grants are available for you.