Written by JoCo Staff

Happy Easter from the Joseph Corporation

Our project this year for NeighborWork’s Week will be two-fold. We will be scraping and painting an historic home on the near-east side of Aurora. The owner is elderly, handicapped and with limited income. The City has sited her numerous times on the state of the exterior of her property and she has been unable to comply. Joseph Corporation will be partnering with the Painter’s District Counsel #30 to assist this resident in giving her property a “curb appeal” look.

In addition, we will be tackling the corner gardens in the neighborhood as well as cleaning the local park for the children which will include trimming up the shrubbery since it has become quite overgrown and unsafe.

Volunteers will be needed for all of these projects. NeighborWorks week is June 4-10, 2017.

Please contact Denny at 630-906-9400 to add your name to the list of needed volunteers.