Written by JoCo Staff

First Annual Customer Appreciation Day

Our first annual Customer Appreciation Day was held at the Everlasting Word Church. The event was sponsored by one of our new partners, Guaranteed Rate, and was a great success. The following is the thank you letter from Jerria Donelson, Joseph Corporation’s Director of Housing Counseling Services to Guaranteed Rate.

Words really cannot express how important and impactful the partnership between Guaranteed Rate and Joseph Corporation has been over these last few months. We have jointly hosted two major homebuyer seminars and between the two events the attendance was over 55 attendees. Our most recent collaboration was Joseph Corporation’s FIRST customer appreciation event located at our community partner’s location (Everlasting Word Church), which was a great success! Guaranteed Rate provided information, hope and encouragement to the attendees at the event about be-coming and maintaining homeownership.

Pastor Janice Donelson spoke on how amazing it is to be part of something that impacts peoples’ lives and helping people achieve their dreams of homeowner-ship by working together in our community and that she thanks Guaranteed Rate and Joseph Corporation for their support and resources.

Yale and Efrain, you two have proven that you have a true heart for the people in the Greater Aurora Area (not just Chicagoland) and that you put in work, money/resources, time, and heart to reach out to people and encourage them by saying “You can become a homeowner so let’s work together to achieve it.”

Truly I am beyond grateful to work with you both and Guaranteed Rate and hope that we can continue to do life changing work that will impact the Greater Aurora Area.